Just as the title says, this is my new challenge. I saw a couple of days ago that I've entered the 100 kg club once more, trust me I've been here before. Used too be really big around 130 kg when I were at my biggest and it was not muscles...  So now I need to lose some weight again have let myself go a little, its mostly too become faster on the run and put less pressure on my knees when running.


The biggest reason to why I want to lose this extra weight that I've packed on is because I want to reach one of my goals on my bucket list, to do an marathon under 3 hours. But I have realized that if I want to reach that goal I probably can't weigh in on 100+ kg, the run training I will have go through to do it will put way to much strain on my knees if I weigh that much and It will also be a lot harder to do it.

There are many tips and tricks out there how to lose weight but here is what I find helps the most  for me, 6 tips to help you lose that extra weight.


  • Eat Less then you usually do. Even if you start eating healthy most of hands down are just used to eating more then we need, gradually decrease your portion-size.

  • Have a vague idea of how many calories you should consume everyday. It's an easy equation you need to eat less calories then you use up to drop weight, therefore you should know how many calories you use up an average day there is a vast amount of website that can help you calculate how many calories a day you use.

  • Have a vague idea of how many calories the food you eat contains. This one hang together with the former one, If you know how much calorie your food contain its easier to pick the right option. I'm not telling you to weigh your food and be all extreme about it, I don't, I have done it before but its not necessary. But you should know how much calories the normal things you eat everyday contain like a 100 grams of chicken, an egg or a banana. An easy way to lower your calorie intake is to fry less, instead boil your food or cook it in the oven without adding any oil or other fat. 

  • Don't drink your calories, It sounds obvious and most people do remove that soda when ever they want to lose weight. What you might not know that juice and milk even tho they have a lot more nutrition then your soda it still contains a hefty amount of calories and it's really easy to drink to much of it.

  • Measure, measure, measure. You won't have any idea how your progressing if you don't measure, weigh yourself before breakfast every morning and write it down so you easily can see if your progressing or not, put up goals along the way that you want to reach 2-3 kg is an good goal for a to drop for one month.

  • Get a buddy to do it with you. This one might be hard but it's easier if you're doing it with someone so you have someone that is going through the same thing and someone that can hold you accountable. If you can't find anyone to do it with you, you should at least let the people around you know that you are on a diet to lose weight so they can hold you accountable.


Before pictures of me, already looking forward to posting the after pictures!