Just over a week after my Ironman debut, it's finally time to sit down and write a race report about it!


It was a very stressful time for me. I worked full time until Saturday and had to move out of our apartment on Thursday and Friday and also, I managed to attend race briefing and tweak my plan for the race just the day before the race. During my last work out before the race, I heard some weird noises from my bike, and had to leave it for bike service. That too was just over my time budget and got a little on my nerves.

There might have been some good in being so stressed out because I never felt nervous about the race until Saturday morning and even then I wasn't nervous about my performance but nervous that I'd brought everything to transition. Everyone has heard the horror stories about people who forget their running shoes and are being forced to drop out because they don't have any shoes to run in. Fortunately, I didn't miss anything. 

I woke up 5 in the morning, since we were all up in the moving process as well as we didn't have so many options for food at home I had plain pasta for breakfast. Luckily I lived right between the swim start and the transition area with just a few hundred meters to both of them. I walked over to the swim start and when I stood in line and was singing the Swedish national anthem I got a little bit sick, felt like I had too puke, but a members from my local triathlon club ensured me that you only feel like that until the start gun goes off and he was right..  As the gun shot went off I started walking towards the start, it's a rolling start which means that the timing start when you cross the ramp going into the water and everyone is lined up according too the estimated time they think they can finish the swim in. I estimated myself around 1:10-1:20. It was really windy though and the water was chaotic with high waves. The first part of the swim was against the waves and a lot of people were struggeling with time just getting out to the first turn. Out of the ~2200 starting athletes, 41 had to break during the swim. Besides getting a mouth full of water that almost made me puke I didn't have any bigger problems with the swimming.

I finished my swim in 1:21:57 quite slower than expected, but due to the weather condition I was happy with the time and felt fresh when I jumped up on the bike and left for the island of Öland. The hole bike ride went good, it was very windy but living in this area I'm used to it, the race course was really flat so the only obstacle was the wind. My nutrition plan for the bike ride went into the garbage when my stomach didn't accept my energy drink. My plan was too drink 5 bottles of energy and eat 2 bars on the bike and I managed to drink one and a half bottle and ate almost both bars. I had too grab a lot of water from the aid stations to keep myself hydrated tho.

Finished the bike in 5:34:37 with an average speed of 32.32 km/h 

I came into the second transition from bike to the marathon, feeling good and was a bit nervous about the fact that I'd had problems with the nutrition on the bike. I had to stop at every aid station to keep myself fueled to keep going. It felt great changing from bike to run since my neck had gotten really stiff and tired. The run is a three lap course where each lap is estimated 14 km. The first lap went great, I had planned too keep an average speed of 5:30-6 min/km, landing me on a marathon time around 4 hours which I managed too keep. The first lap was really easy, the fight didn't start until right after leaving the city center on the second lap about 16-17 km in. What kept my going was the motivation of why I was really doing this, a question that crosses almost every athletes mind during a race. It's very important that you know why you're doing this, my reason was something that I could write a hole blog post about but it had to do with the fact that I've been forced to quit on some many things that I loved before and I'm tired of being forced to quit so this time I would keep on going no matter what! 

Finishing the second lap was the hard part, the third and last lap it already felt like I had crossed the finish line, especially after getting cheered on by Åsa Lundström, Sweden's best female triathlete that attended the same training camp as us this summer and was our neighbor at the camping. I finished the run in 4:07:14 without any pain and managed to keep myself fueled by taking two gels every hour and a handful of chips and a few pickles at every aid station to replenish all the salt lost due tho sweating.

My total time was 11:13:07 and my transition times were t1: 03:13,  t2: 06:06

I'm super proud of my debut but it would never have been possible without my coach Luke Dragsta over at nor would it have been possible without everyone over at my triathlon club Kalmar RC Triathlon.

I't has also been a lot easier with the support and understanding from my girlfriend and all the training sessions with training partner and brother.

After the race we went on out on the city to grab a few beers and celebrate with friends, and for me it turned into a short night... walked home to my bed to get some sleep before getting up early in the morning to clean the apartment and leave the keys. After that I could finally relax, which I'm gonna do for two weeks now, starting with a trip to Bulgaria tomorrow :-) 

Thank you again for all the support, it wouldn't have been the same without it!