(Picture from when I booked myself for Ironman 2015 after sitting out on Ironman 2014)


As I'm writing this 15 of July is going to its end.

It's now less then a month until I earn the title IRONMAN. I have waited for over two years for this.

It was in May two years ago that I decided to change from my gym training to instead take that challenge that is an Ironman the 3,8 km swim, 180 km bike and a finishing it off with a full marathon 42 km run!! It's considered one of the toughest endurance events in one day! the story goes like this, it was a ordinary Wednesday and out of nothing my brother called me and asked me if I was interested in buying a spot for Göteborgsvarvet, for those who doesn't know its the biggest half marathon in the world, you run a course that goes through the center of Gothenburg its 21 km long. I had never run that far before and I was not a big runner back then, in fact I hated running because I remembered all the running that my parents told me to do when I was young and overweight...

But what I did like tho is a good challenge, so I decided to participate in the race. I finished in 1 hour 50 minutes but my body was in agony it was really painful!! It was so horrible but for some reason I got hooked so just within the next two weeks I had already bought myself a triathlon bike and decided to do Ironman the next year. I did my first half Ironman within two months of starting my triathlon training and it went really well so I was really looking forward to my Ironman 2014.

But as many of you that read this know, I never did Ironman 2014 I collapsed just after finishing a half Ironman and had to spend two nights in the ICU because of heart problems which led to interruption in my triathlon career for five months. I had to skip Ironman and some other races It was not only a big disappointment that I couldn't do my Ironman. I got no refunds from the races that I had spent over 1100 euros to participate in. I also had to change all my plans for the coming years, I had postpone everything by one year and there it is a lot that comes with that. I had to postpone my biketour around the world that I'm starting in March/April by one year and when you make a decision like that you get too hear from pretty much everyone "Well it will never happen, you're just gonna continue postponing it until you decide too not do it" Not that I have never listened to that tho, but it's annoying to hear people talk negative shit like that. It also means that I have to postpone my studies in physics with another year and I'm already starting my studies pretty late which leads to more of this negative shit from people that I should just abandon the hole thing and think about getting myself a degree so I can start working instead... But I'm not in a hurry to do that, probably never have anyone said on their deathbed "I wish I worked more" 


Back to the topic, so it's less then a month to Ironman I'm in really good shape my longest run this year was last Saturday did a full marathon in a easy pace came in just under 4 hours and it feel't great! wasn't even sore in the muscles that next days. Did a 300 km bike race and have done lots of bike training, the only thing that I need to do a little extra this last month is too swim a little more so I get used too it. Then this Ironman will be a run in the park :D My coach has set up a goal for me to come in around 11 hours and I don't think that will be a problem as long as I don't make any stupid mistakes. 

I'm so hyped for this race!! If you're in Kalmar 15 August I hope you're out cheering for me!