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Wings for life 35km


First of I got to get it out of me, I LOVE THIS RACE!


I love the whole concept of it, I love that it's for charity and I love that it's a global event.


I finished on 35,04 kilometers in 2 hours and 44 minutes, just as I planned. I beat my own record from last year with 4 km and came in 80th place in Sweden out of roughly 2300 participants.

Most important, I never forgot to have fun, I spoke to friends along the race, cheered on strangers, and fist bumped with a guy in a wheelchair. Just had an awesome time!



Just like last year I get some questions from friend, colleges and so on from everything about running technique from lay-up on race day and what not to do. The big question that everyone really is wondering is “How does a big guy like myself on 95 kg manages to run that long in that short amount of time”.


So how did I manage to do it?


Most importantly I had a plan, all long distance runs you need a good plan. Both how you refuel and what pace you should keep and a mental picture of how you should achieve it, a race this long you can't wing it. Sure, if it was a 10 km run, you could probably or even easily go out strong and keep strong for the rest of the race, but not this distance...


So I made it clear to myself before the race that I was going to pass 35 km. I looked up at their web site what pace I had to keep, around 4:40-4:45 minutes/km, and I always made sure not to over pace myself because that's the fastest way to drain yourself.


Long distance runs are not about speed or endurance, they're all about efficiency, what I've been training all winter. I've been training running technique, more accurately getting a short but quick stride as well as a good posture.

You need to be quick on your feet, the longer your feet are on the ground the more you brake with them.

I will go more into running technique in another article so I leave it at that for this time.


So my plan for the race was to be efficient, keep a pace around 4:30-4:50 and have a good nutrition plan since I'm a big guy and need that energy.


I used Garmin Forerunner 910XT to pace myself. I highly recommend everyone that is running and pacing themselves to get themselves a running watch, Runkeeper and other app's for your phone are great, but they will mess up when you're on a race and you will not be able to look at it all the time and see your pace.


At the two first fluid stations I had Isostar energy drinks. Normally they're mixed with pretty bad proportions; a lot of water to a small amount of powder.


From that on I used my own energy supplements, and had water and some oranges from the stations.


This is what I used

15 km Energy gel from Vitargo cola favor

20 km 0,25 liter Vitargo professional (energy drink with caffeine) highly concentrated

25 km Energy gel from Vitargo cola flavor

30 km 0,25 liter Vitargo professional (energy drink with caffeine) highly concentrated


I'm not by any way a proffesional at this so if you want to take these advice or not are up to you. My nutrition plan may not be the best for you, I tried it before the race and I have also tried to run in that pace many times before so I know this works for me. Running long distance is all about feeling comfortable and relaxed while still being able to push yourself.


I also want to congratulate my awesome girlfriend that ran 16,71 km in 1 hour 35 minutes, a new personal record for her.


If you did the race I hope you had just as good time as I had, and if you didn't I hope you join me in the race next year.