Just as the title says, this is my new challenge. I saw a couple of days ago that I've entered the 100 kg club once more, trust me I've been here before. Used too be really big around 130 kg when I were at my biggest and it was not muscles...  So now I need to lose some weight again have let myself go a little, its mostly too become faster on the run and put less pressure on my knees when running.

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Just over a week after my Ironman debut, it's finally time to sit down and write a race report about it!

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(Picture from when I booked myself for Ironman 2015 after sitting out on Ironman 2014)


As I'm writing this 15 of July is going to its end.

It's now less then a month until I earn the title IRONMAN. I have waited for over two years for this.

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