The simple, boring answer to why I'm calling my blog and myself The Big crazy swede is that my canadian triathlon coach called me that when I told him about my big journey that I'm planning. It's to cycle around the globe and I'm starting my journey in March/April 2016, but there is more to it than that; it's a nickname that really suits me...


When I first thought about the name it was perfect! For those who've already met me, I don't need to explain big. 194 cm high and around 95 kg with a rustic physique, I am a big guy... I do also have a background of being really overweight, at the most of 130 kg when I was 16 years old so big feels like me even though I'm not overweight anymore.
Crazy is something I get to hear very often, not only because I'm an endurance racer and triathlete (Yeah we get to hear that we're crazy for doing ironmans and other races), but also because I often come up with unthinkable and unconventional ideas. For example, last year I couldn't do my ironman because I had problems with my heart due to overtraining, so instead I decided to hitchhike 3000 km through Sweden to Kiruna and climb Sweden's highest mountain Kebnekaise, 2106 m over the sea. Not that big mountain... but it was a adventure! Met some great people during the trip, like a group of students at the space program in Kiruna. They called themselves space masters and we had a blast!

Guess I don't even have to explain the last part of my nickname, the swede thing is kinda obvious: I'm a viking!