(Picture from when I booked myself for Ironman 2015 after sitting out on Ironman 2014)


As I'm writing this 15 of July is going to its end.

It's now less then a month until I earn the title IRONMAN. I have waited for over two years for this.

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(Picture burrowed from wingsforlife)


Wings for life 35km


First of I got to get it out of me, I LOVE THIS RACE!


I love the whole concept of it, I love that it's for charity and I love that it's a global event.


I finished on 35,04 kilometers in 2 hours and 44 minutes, just as I planned. I beat my own record from last year with 4 km and came in 80th place in Sweden out of roughly 2300 participants.

Most important, I never forgot to have fun, I spoke to friends along the race, cheered on strangers, and fist bumped with a guy in a wheelchair. Just had an awesome time!


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The simple, boring answer to why I'm calling my blog and myself The Big crazy swede is that my canadian triathlon coach called me that when I told him about my big journey that I'm planning. It's to cycle around the globe and I'm starting my journey in March/April 2016, but there is more to it than that; it's a nickname that really suits me...

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