A awesome week of the bike with a nice week with my couchsurfing friend that I hosted in Sweden last summer in her flat with her flatmates in Vienna and also a great weekend in Bratislava with a friendly host from couchsurfing and another traveler from America

 I continued my cycling from Brno and the weather and everything was just perfect, good roads nearly no hills and going through the small Austrian villages were just stunning. 

I cycled almost all the way to Vienna but when I finally came in contact with my friend she was at a party in another town since I had told her that I would come the next day, I didn't expect to do 160 km in one day like I did, I never even pushed myself I think it was a combined effort of the really good roads the stunning weather and also the fact that I started at 7 in the morning. But since my friend couldn't host me for the night I decided to try to find a place to set up my tent, I stopped 20 km outside Vienna and asked a woman for a place where I could set up my tent nearby without disturbing anyone. It ended up with her and her family hosting me they were super friendly, she really went all her way to make me feel like a guest, she gave me a small dinner before the others came home they were out rising the 1 May tree that every village have in Austria 1 of May the tradition goes that the teenagers of other villages are supposed to come and cut down the tree of other villages, so the teenagers are up protecting the tree all night, that's at least how she explained it. When the sons came home they told me that normally nowadays you go to other villages and drink with them under their May tree instead of trying to cut it down.
It was a really nice evening that I spent with the family, the husband in the family told me about his travels in Russia and the wife really went all out to make me feel up most welcomed, she folded napkins and really went all out for the evening snack and breakfast making a traditional "egg spread" for the sandwiches that were delicious.

On the outskirts of the city I meet a fellow touring cyclist, he was on his way towards Czech,Germany and then Denmark and after that he would go back to his hometown Paris

And then I arrived in Vienna at my friends place, the first things that got to me on the way into the city was just how big it was and the HUGE amount of cars, they were just everywhere even if it was pretty bike friendly they were just everywhere and it was really noisy a guess a smalltown boy like me are not just used to it...


I didn't really do a lot of sightseeing in Vienna, it was just too much to see and also I was kinda tired of doing sightseeing because its just another palace and another church on the list. But I went to see that Rathaus (cityhall), Hofburg palace and Stephansdom (another church) 

I did however hang out with my friend and her flatmates a lot went out partying some and spent a full day in bed with a major hangover... Yeah that wasn't very well spent time but at least I had a great night! We also made cinnamon buns together it was a lot of fun and I also made another round of the famous meatballs, seems to be my go to meal when I'm going to cook Swedish food for someone.



I had problem with the oven so the buns didn't turn out that good but my host didn't seem to mind, she was just happy to have had a swede bake her cinnamon buns.

My five days in Vienna went by really fast and I had planned to visit Bratislava over the weekend, I had already found a couchsurfing host that I could stay with first I was planning to hitchhike to Bratislava but when I realised just how big Vienna was and how long it would take me to get out of it on foot I decided to take the bus since it only was 4 euro which was pretty cheap if you ask me, they had seats that you could book if you were out in good time that only were 1 euro tho, so if you ever travel between Vienna and Bratislava make sure to be out early and try to grab those seats.
But on my way to the station I just had to eat some schnitzel since I were in Austria, I obviously had to go with the Wiener schnitzel. I ended up in a place called Schnitzel overkill and I now understand why I ordered the Schnitzel and got these two huge pieces of breaded meat that were just amazing, I also ended up sharing the table with a really nice Austrian couple.

My host came and picked me up at the station and he drove up to a monument on a hill next to the city dedicated to the red army that came and took Bratislava back during the world war 2 It also had a really good view over the city.

My host had a surprise for me tho, I was not only his only guest this weekend. He was also hosting a fellow from America that had spent the last couple of years living in south america and Spain so his Spanish is fluent, not that I speak any... It's on my bucket list. We had a really good time exploring Bratislava together and having our host show us around he was really helpful not only did he come to pick me up with his car at the station but he insisted on us using his bed, yeah I shared bed with a American man only when couchsurfing.

I also had the opportunity to hang out with my hosts friend and spend some time on the open air concert that were going on this weekend, all the music were in Slovak so I had no idea what they were singing but the music were good and so was the company! 

And to say the least they had some interesting food to tryout in the food stands like potato pancakes, gypsy sausage (without sausage, it was a bun with either marinated chicken or pork meat inside of it) and langos were some of the things I've tried. We also tried the really good sheep cheese dumpling that were fantastic and very typical Slovakian.

Before it was time to go back they were finishing of the concert with some really big fireworks, I only took some photos of the beginning of it so it may not seem very big but in the end it was filling up most of the sky and it was pretty impressive. After that we were walking back to take the bus back to our host that lived a little bit outside of the centrum and I could take a good photo of the castle along side the river.

The day after I finished of a very good weekend in Bratislava by doing one of my favorite races, wing for life charity run. I ran 21 km in about 1 hour 52 min a new record for my slowest half marathon, but it was also my first international race and I only did it to have a great time which I also had. But I missed the crowd support that we have back in Kalmar. Back in Sweden everyone is out sharing along the race course, here it was not like that at all. It was a shame but still had a great time! then I took the bus back to Vienna for one more night before I jumped back onto the bike and continued cycling.