Czech was a country where a lot of things went wrong but also really good, I didn't spend that long time in the country and barely did any sightseeing.

As I left country #1 Poland or what I would like to call it the dog country, there were so many dogs in the bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants, on the roads (even the highway) maybe that's why I saw more dead dogs along the roadside that I would've liked to see. The dogs that barked at me were countless but in total I had 11 dogs chasing me within the distance of 3 meters of the bike a bit scary especially when you don't know if they are friendly or not...

However I woke up in the morning in my soccerclub warehouse that the nice Polish people provided and went cycling towards the border and it didn't take long before I reached the border in the town Cieszyn that's half in Polen half in Czech.

So far the day was good the weather was better then the last couple of days and was nice getting to a new country exploring new things, but things would soon change. Just a few km out of the city a spoke on my bike would break and it was on the cassette side so I had to find a bikeshop to repair it, but you can ride with only 1 broken spoke but you should tighten the opposite spoke so I was going to do that, also pump some more air into the tire. That's when shit went real my pump did not work properly so all it did was get the air out of the tire so I basically had a flat tire 3 km out of the city, I tried to grab a bus but it was not bike friendly and the driver spoke no English and weren't very helpful so I walked back to the city and decided to take the train to the next city to find a hostel and get my bike fixed and also try to get rid of some weight since I've had some problem with my knees since I left Kraków. 

I ended up in the city Olomouc I small city with lots of history that I didn't feel like exploring at the moment, I came pretty late so I ended up just chilling and getting ready for the next tomorrow where I had lots of things to do.
I woke in the morning with a bad headache but forced myself to go to the bike shop and left my bike for them to fix it and went to a decathlon (cheap sports/outdoor store) bought some stuff to replace the things I had with, for example a new jacket since the one I had was way to warm and heavy. and then the post office to send home a lot of things some books and cloths in general in total it was just above 10 kg which would save my knees a lot of trouble, but during the day my headache had only gotten worse and I left like I had a fever as well so the rest of the evening I was just resting.

My third day in Olomouc I feelt a little bit better but still not good enough to leave so I ended up staying for another night before I left I went for a walk around the city in the afternoon when I feel't a little bit better.  

Some photos of the city its a small but very beautiful city, as a foodie I also had to try out the local pickled cheese with some Czech beer.

Doesn't look much for the world, but that cheese was amazing!


The next day I feel't better and left for the bigger city of Brno where I had a warmshowers host waiting for me and on my way there I finally found a really really amazing bicycle route that I could use all the way down to Vienna and even to Slovenia the Eurovelo 9. Eurovelo is a bicycle network all around Europe it's still not established everywhere so some routes and even parts of some routes aren't finished yet but its a great idea and concept! 

The route took me through some really nice forests and and a mountain landscape with one of the biggest cave systems in Czech it was truly a amazing ride and so far so much better then the ride I've had in Poland where I always had to share the road with cars and didn't see that much interesting things.


I then arrived in Brno and meet with my host, chilled some in a park nearby his flat before we went for a dinner and a few beers and had a nice time. He had to leave early (7 am) in the morning he was also a cyclist taking part in a 200 km bike ride the next day, I would end up meeting and seeing them a lot through out the day since I was also heading south.

The ride to Austria was just amazing the weather was amazing the hole day and I continued on the eurovelo 9 which was just perfect. There was a lot of people out riding on the road as well and everyone said their funny "Ahoj!" which is hey in Czech and I replayed back with the same funny "Ahoj!" and also the landscape got even better then the day before I was riding next to some very nice lakes with the mountains in the background and vineyards where everywhere just amazing and went through some really nice small towns.

I went through the town of Mikulov and Valtice both used to belong to the dukes of Lichtenstein and are just magnificent, I got stopped a few times when people where curious of my Swedish flag or my big luggage I ended up having some nice chats, posing for pictures and also getting some free snacks, lots of fun!

I then continued to the border to Austria between the fields in the most amazing weather, just perfect!