As always leaving is hard, you have to say goodbye to the people that you have spent some really amazing days with but this time I also was going too say goodbye to Polen and get into a new country



I left Kraków and knew that the weather would not be that amazing but it was okay most of the day and I keep't my route going west towards the city Oświęcim, most people know the town by its german name Auschwitz. It's the city known for the horrible deathcamp that were active during the second world war and a lot of people have lost their life's here in a incredible cruel way.

Sadly I could not get a guided tour inside they were fully booked, but I don't know if I actually broke some rule or not when I walked inside and had a look around, there was no guard or proper entrance where they charged you so I decided to go in and have a look around. The first impression to hit you is just how massive this place is, when you stand inside of it you are complete surrounded by the camp and that's all you see in all directions, just horrifying can't even imagine how it looked when it was full of people in despair.



After walking around in the deathcamp and getting a bit almost depressed and losing a bit of hope in humanity it all became a little bit better when I was about to love and meet my first other long distance touring cyclist.

She is on her way to China but it will take her two years, she is taking a lot of detours along the way we had a long an interesting chat about everything and nothing. 

Then I was on my way again, my plan was to reach Czech republic before the night because I had a warmshowers host (like couchsurfing but for cyclists) just outside Ostrava, but I found a nice bicycle path that I got lost on, I thought it was cycling in the right direction but I ended up cycling in the totally opposite but it was really nice going along nice palaces and some good views. 

So I never got to my host in Ostrava, BUT it all turned out better then I could expect. When it was starting to get dark a stopped by in a small village to find some Polish people just outside a very small bar I tried asking them for a good location to set up a tent fortunately one of them spoke some English and it all ended up with me getting a room in a warehouse for the villages soccer club and not only that but they drove me to another village to get a warm shower, why did they drive me to another village for a shower? I have no idea maybe they didn't have warm water in the village I were in first... I also got two packages of polish sausages a total of 12 of them and they were really good!

I had a really good night sleep on a couch in this house and then I left in the morning and would cross the border to Czech in only a few hours, but more about that in the next post!