My stay in Kraków I ended up spending time with 0 polish people but instead ended up hanging out with people from all over the world instead, but I had an awesome time anyway! 

Warning this post will make you hungry! 


My first night I ended up meeting my host pretty late since she ended up getting of work at 10 pm. She was working in Polen but were originally from Ukraine and she told me she would be hosting two other couchsurfers at the same time, one girl from India and a guy from Switzerland and I thought that I were in Polen to meet polish people, I were so wrong...

me with the host and Swiss guy

Kraków is a much bigger tourist city then Warsaw is and I would get to hear a lot of Swedish and other languages from all over Europe in this city, it was just packed with tourists even when it's not in tourist season. I also ended up taking a lot of free walking tours I did a Jewish, old town, "murder" and food tour.

my first one was the Jewish one and it was quite interesting even tho it was really long and it was a lot of walking! The Jews in Kraków haven't only had a bad time but also a lot of good times when they were having a lot of benefits and were allowed to live in some of the best quarters in the city and worked closely to the king. We also talked about Schindler, you can't visit Kraków without mentioning this guy, if you don't know who it is and haven't seen Schindler's list (the movie) just stop here and go watch it, its one of my favorite movies. But it's actually not filmed in the ghetto in Kraków but the Jewish quarter where the Jews lived before they were moved into the ghetto by SS.

A small part of what is left of the ghetto wall.

Schindler's factory


The food tour was by far my favorite how could it not be when you're a foodie? We tried all different kinds of polish food some example were lard which is basically fat and onion on bread and had vodka with it (of course) and herring. We tried pope's cake which also was really creamy and good some different sausages and sauerkraut but also sauercucumber reminds you a little bit of pickled cucumber but more sour and cheese of course. But we can't forget about the pierogi both savory and sweet ones. 
Time for food photobomb! 

Lard, Herring and vodka

Pierogi ruskie

Pierogi with strawberry

Pope's cake

Cheese stand in the open market

Buckets of sauerkraut and sauercucumber

And finally some sausages!

When we are on the topic of food you have try to zapiekanki when you are in Polen its their version of fast food, its open baguette with different topic and then baked in the oven.

and this is the place to get them in Kraków plac nowy in the middle of the Jewish quarter, they have the best zapiekanki in Polen I've heard.


I also meet a really funny American on the tour girl that later joined us in the michelin star restaurant and we also ended up going to a bar with the Indian girl the vodka shots very only 1 euro each, kinda hard to not go for a few of them when they are that cheap :) 

What a handsome man! 


 Besides food and awesome people there was also a lot of love in Kraków not only did we see a guy propose to a girl in the castle of Kraków (she said yes) but also our Swiss guy meet a girl in a cafe, their eyes had meet a couple of times when they had walked across each other so they ended up talking and the next few days they even had a few dates, so cute! They live in two different countries tho like the Indian girl liked to point out, but hey! With ryanair everything is possible, probably cheaper for him to spend a weekend in Kraków instead of in Switzerland anyway since Polen is in general very cheap.


That's all for this time but before I leave you here a picture of the biggest medieval square in Europe.