This post is going to be about me when I'm very stubborn, sometimes that's a good thing other times not so much...



 As I left Warsaw I began my journey towards Kraków and first day that much didn't happen it started with pretty nice weather a bit windy but not that bad and I rode through a village called Lazy and soon after another one called Lady... I don't know about you but I found it kinda funny. I choose to ride on the roadside of the highway (which was huge and there was plenty of other cyclist so I weren't that crazy as it sounds) and listened to highway to hell by AC/DC it came on by chance since I have shuffle on and I also found it kinda funny since it was the only time I've been riding on the highway, besides that horrible experience just outside Malbork. 
After about an hour or so on the highway I got bored of the traffic and made my way on to the lesser walked or in this case biked paths between the cherry field.


however later that day the weather decided to get worse, it got colder and got even more windy and this is pretty much when my knees started fighting against me, I found a nice cafe in a small town that I passed through before I continued for a short while before finding the camping spot for the night. 

I had to watch out for the wild cows tho... :D 

The next two days before arriving in Kraków the day would seem to have some mid life crisis, it couldn't decide if i should be rain, sun, windy, cold or whatever combination of those you can make up. It was a pain in the ass since you need to stop and change cloths all the time.

But this is the part where my stubbornness comes into the picture, everyone who knows me know that I can be very stubborn mostly in a good way for example training over 20 hours a week or doing an Ironman you need to be somewhat stubborn, but when it comes to taking a wrong turn and not wanting to backtrack because you're too stubborn can be a bad thing.
I went through this little village and missed a small right turn when the road split instead I continued forward and ended up in a local market (which was kinda nice) but I ended up on a mud road and decided to double check the map before going ahead and saw that I missed the turn, but instead of going back I decided that I can probably find some way back onto the road which was also much smaller then it looked on the map. To make a long story short instead of backtracking less then 5 minutes and ended up after 10 minutes out in the middle of nowhere on a field

My bike is inside the forest on the left, and I had just passed a couple of guys working on the field a few minutes earlier so I couldn't go back now could I? I didn't want to look stupid... Even tho its was less then 15 min of backtracking instead I could see that I could get my bike through the forest on the left and get onto the road, somehow that was a good idea to me instead of doing the backtrack and so I continued through the forest with the bike that tok me something like 40 minutes at it was a pain in the ass, the ground was not flat at all and there was lots of tree on the ground and very dense in general, the middle part I actually managed to stop and find somewhere to lean my bike and take a photo it was the least dense part so keep that in mind and it was just after crossing a small lake kinda like the one you see on the first picture on the left side.

When i finally got out on the other side I wasn't very pleased with what was waiting for me... 

A road so bad that I had to push my bike most of the time because of all the thick mud, but I didn't have that much left to Kraków and I only have one more thing worth mentioning on the way to Kraków before I let you go. 
Just a few km outside of Kraków I went through a small town where they had a big funeral ceremonial, I think it was an fireman that had died maybe even in an accident since it was such a big ceremony.

Oh I almost forgot, I stumbled onto a national cycling path the green velo in Polen where I meet my first other touring bicyclist, he was only gonna be out for two months but I was fun meeting someone else that shared the same interested, we couldn't cycle much together, because I had to go in another direction just a few crossings later. 

Not the best photo of me...


and then I pretty much arrived in Kraków!