I had an amazing stay in Warsaw, filled with all kinds of adventure and amazing things. I explored the town with a french guy that I just meet randomly outside the tourist information, explored an abandoned building, went to a underground club and even got invited to a private farewell party for a guy that was just changed work. Just amazing but the best of all was the people that I meet, without them my stay would've been nothing.



My first day in Warsaw I had no clue what to do, I mean I had heard some of the history of Warsaw mostly the uprising in the ghetto and Warsaw's uprising (yeah its two of them) but besides that I didn't really know that much of Warsaw it's never been on my list of citys that I really need to visit. But I was surprised how much more there was to it, i'm not gonna go in that deep into the history of the city I leave that for you to explore on your own in the city or online.
But on my first day I ventured into the city from my host on foot and had no idea where to go ended up at the palace of culture and science a tower given to the city by Stalin, nowadays when they are not a communist country its not a very popular monument and people have even been thinking about destroying it, it was here I found a tourist information and decided to walk in ask for a map and some advice on what I should do. I went up in the tower by the way, not worth it nothing special about it not worth the money even if its only 5 euro its also has a few cinemas and also a big theater.

I got the map and some of the "main" attractions marked out, i't sounded pretty boring just going to see what all tourist sees and does. I knew one hidden gem tho, the so called milk bars it's old communist "restaurants" if you could call them that, they serve traditional polish dishes has nothing really to do with milk but that's their name and they are amazing the food is usually really good and really really cheap and you get it like people would eat it at home. So When I came out of the tourist information I saw this colored man that was just in there with me I started talking with him and soon found at the he was from France and he like me was exploring Warsaw alone because his friend that he stayed at were at work just as my host.
We ended up exploring the city together and the best part was when we went to the milk bar

We had a meal where we shared everything so we could try as much as possible, we tried 2 different soups one with fermented spinach and one with fermented flower yeah you read that right FLOWER and sausage and they were both served with boil egg. WE also tried two different ways of work one came with cabbage with meat and the other with beetroot. 

We also went for a stroll through the old town of Warsaw which is the newest old town in the world, since it was almost fully destroyed in the second world war, 85-95% of Warsaw was razed to the ground after the uprising in 1944 but the old town was rebuilt due to a major funding by the polish people and also built by the polish people under the soviet government that took over after the war, they did not help out with the reconstruction at all. 

The next day me and my host did something illegal, it's called urban exploration or UE for short basically you explore ruins or abandon places. We went to a old facility where they produced patrol gas it were this two big round buildings and we had to climb over a wall to get in, but that what makes it even more interesting the scary and adrenalin rush makes it really interesting and also to explore something old and often half destroyed. It's a bit controversial i mean its illegal and you're trespassing but they normally only put that up since they don't want you to get hurt inside

I wen't on some really good walking tours from the free walking tour foundation, you can find them in a few of the bigger cities in Polen and if you go there I highly recommend going on at least one of their tours, I went to several and it was really interesting and a lot of fun. In Warsaw I went to the Warsaw at war tour and the old town tour, really good! 

But the best thing with Warsaw was neither the food, the buildings or the town itself BUT the people that I meet there. not only my host which were a angel she had so many plans for the weekend with her mums birthday but also a baptising and her grandfathers birthday as well still she managed to find time to hang out and she also introduced me too her friends which I also spent a lot of time with. We spent one night baking cake for my hosts mum for her birthday and I cooked Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and gravy fr everyone, they had only tried the IKEA ones before and I could not leave them without having served them proper meatballs... 

Another night we went to a underground club in Praga which is the "slum" district of the city, it was in an old building that looked about ready to fall apart, no not that bad actually i'm over exaggerating a little. But it was that kind of atmosphere but inside after a few hours of dancing a meet a big group of Swedish people they were all working for oriflame it was nice to hear some Swedish again even tho it wasn't that long ago since I last heard it. I sadly have no pictures since I decided to leave the camera at home for safety reason, but it was a fun night filled with dancing and all kinds of underground music.
I also ended up getting invited to a private party, one of the girl's boyfriend was just changing job so he had a big goodbye party at his house and we all got invited not only me but also their Finnish friend that were visiting from Helsinki and also a girl from Czech so we were really bringing a lot of different nationalities to this party and they were so hospitable taking us in and letting us join their big party and it was truly a big party. They had set up a big table with lots of food not only from Polen but from other countries as well and prepared drinks and snacks as well as night food as well so it was a really nice evening for all parts.

The last night I spend in town was a bit sad, I had to leave all my new found friends but that's also the life of a traveler you get to meet a lot of awesome and friendly people and you pretty much jump straight into their life and they jump into yours but only for a short time then you leave and if you ever meet again it will often be a long time until you meet again. But we had a really nice night all of us at a travelers pub where I tried a really weird warm beer, everyone but me seemed to like it, normally you drink it in the winter to warm yourself up but I just had to try it, not something that I can recommend but I guess my new found friends would recommend it so if you ever get your ways through Polen in winter time at least try it.