My first contact with polish people through couchsurfing and also the first spontaneous invitation from some stranger on the trip so far. I was also a bit afraid that I had got caught stealth camping by the police but I't all turned out okay in the end even better then if I wouldn't had get caught. 

I was a little bit lazy with the camera on this path so there is not that many photos.



After waking up in Malbork I started my cycling, my next stop was Ilawa where I were planning to to have my first couchsurfing experience, for you who don't know what couchsurfing is. It's a online network of people that host and stay at other members of this network for free, normally you spend time together and the host show you around in the area that you're visiting. It's one of the best ways by far of travelling, you get to experience the city with a local and get tips and often you meet up with their friends for social happening, its by short the best way of learning a new town I highly recommend you trying it. I owe some of my best memories to couchsurfing, 

Now after travelling a few days in Poland I had gotten used to passing villages one after another on the country side and Like I said in my last post you can really see the difference in the standard that people have by looking at their houses, while some houses are pretty fancy and newly built some are just ready to fall apart any second. These two houses stood just opposite to each other on one side each of the road and that is normal that there is such a huge difference even within the villages, I did not expect this in Polen. 

I was going to meet these two polish girls through couchsurfing, one of them lived outside of Ilawa and the other one in Warsaw. We were only doing a meet up so I still sleep't in my tent in the end of the day. But it was nice to finally have someone to talk too, I't can get a bit lonely sometimes on the bike, especially now in the start when you're not used to being alone so much. We had some potato pancakes filled with a meat stew, it wasn't that good... The pancakes were okay but the stew was just mushy, bland and kinda tasteless. But the company was so much fun, the girl from Ilawa had just came back from a long stay in Texas so we had a lot to talk about! Just being able to talk with someone after two days ridding in pretty much loneliness was nice.

After a few hours of chatting with the girls they had to go and so did I. It was already getting dark and I hadn't found a place to stay yet. Fortunately the town was rather small so I didn't have a long way to cycle out of it and just outside it was a forest where I set up my tent next to a small river. 
When I crawled out of my tent in the morning I was greeted by a polish voice, my first instinct was that I was caught by police. That someone had seen my tent and had called the police, because unlike in Sweden you're not allowed to camp where ever you want. But I could soon breath out when I saw that it was just a fisherman sitting on the side of the river, I told him "Sorry, only english" to which he replied with just going back to fishing or so I thought. I didn't see that while i was packing up things and getting ready too leave he had actually walked over to me and was now standing close to me and reaching out with a cup to me. I took the cup and he poured in something strange, I had no idea what it was at first but now I know that it was probably kompot. It's a polish drink made of smashed berries and fruits with spices and water, but you can make it in a lot of different ways for example can you use dried berries and fruits or even add alcohol and drink it either warm of cold. I think the one I got was without alcohol but it was warm. I thank the fisherman and managed to get out of him that he managed to catch on fish so far, but besides that we didn't really understand each other much. So I went back onto the road with just a few days until I would reach Warsaw.

Later the same day after about 60 km of riding I decided to stop for a short while since the weather was getting worse and decided to just grab a kebab a chill for a while. The shop I found was owned by a guy from Egypt that spoke good english and had lots of interesting stories to tell and we talked a lot and stayed for quite long. When I got myself ready to leave he invited me to stay the night at his place instead o sleeping outside for the night, after sleeping outside in the cold for two nights I couldn't say no could I? So I  decided to accept his offer and stayed with him and his friend for the night at their apartment that they shared. They even gave me lots of free kebab, tea and even beer. Thanks again guys for a great stay!

I left the other day and had really good weather, it was 150 km to Warsaw so I was a little bit two faced on the decision if I should get to Warsaw that night or set up camp early and get there the next day. But after making good progress (besides some sand roads that where like quicksand for the heavy bike) I decided to ride into Warsaw the same night and meet my host, the girl from Warsaw that I meet two days earlier in Ilawa...