After a long wait for a camera that took almost forever it was finally time to leave on my journey to cycle around the world, as I'm typing this I've been away now or exactly one week.

I started sixth of April from my hometown Kalmar after a lot of hard and sad goodbyes. I couldn't say goodbye to everyone in person but I want everyone to know that I will miss you, and taking the goodbyes was much harder then would've thought that i't would be. I also started getting second thoughts the last couple of days realizing just how long I will be away on this journey and after one week has passed and I'm currently typing this from Warsaw I'm still a bit scared when I think about it. 

The ride outside my parents home.

So after waving off my friends and family and leaving from Cykelogen that has helped me out so much with everything from tips to picking parts and financial support. I left heading south, my first day was the least thing you would've wanted the headwind was really strong and it was raining through out the day. I had planned to reach Karlskrona before the night to catch the ferry to Poland. But the headwind forced me to change plans and I set up camp just south of Torsås pretty early so I had some distance to bike the next day as well.

 Tenting place south of Torsås

My camp spot south of Torsås

Arriving at Karlskrona the following day I had to eat their famous ice cream before leaving Sweden. I actually had to eat half of it before taking a photo otherwise the wind would've taken it from me! Then I left for the ferry which on I meet some really nice people that was very curious about my travels since they saw me boarding on a fully loaded bike, I told them all and they were stunned and impressed. Before leaving the ferry the following day I had a big gathering of people wishing me good luck and safe travels, so nice of them.


Ice cream break in Karlskrona


Then my first country Poland was all in front of me and I was truly out in the world on my adventure! 



The ferry that took me to Polen