Long time no see!

The plan is CHANGED again...


I have been awfully inactive last couple of months and it's because I've been working like an animal. Did about 400 hours of work in December, if you wonder how many hours that is a day it's around 14 with 1 day off on the month. So yeah and my back broke down again. So the plan is changed again, I'm leaving for my bicycle trip in March instead and spend an extra year on the trip working in Australia too fund my trip back home. So I'll be leaving earlier then planned and spending an extra year on the trip working and exploring Australia, not a bad change if u ask me! 

So I have managed to save enough money to buy all my equipment and get me down to Australia without any problem. Right now I just need to get everything fixed before I'm leaving. I took three vaccination shots a few days ago and will most likely get sick in a few days they told me, but at least it will keep me "safer" on my trip.
I need to sort out what equipment I need and order everything and start packing. I have also gotten in contact with some newspapers and magazines that are interesting in writing about my journey, so far Adventure Travel is going to put me in their magazine in May and Vagabond (Swedish travelling magazine) is interesting in doing a interview a couple of months in too see how everything is going, that's whats decided right now but I hope too get more press. 

That's what I got right now, I'm going to get better at updating here about the planings for the trip and how everything is going.

Oh and i've made some small updates on my map, have a look yourself

See ya,

André "Big n' Crazy"