I got invited to spend Halloween in Copenhagen, just the night before actual Halloween for those who doesn't know I can take a train to Copenhagen and it takes me like 4-5 hours. So I checked my schedule and saw that I was free so packed me bag and took the train down to Copenhagen the last minute to celebrate Halloween with a new friend that I just meet 2 days before that, click read more to find out the hole story! =) 


I made a new friend through a app called Jodel, it's like a big forum where everyone can type in whatever anonymous and people that are within 7 km can read it. That was two days before getting the text from her on friday night asking If I wanted to join her and her friends in Copenhagen for Halloween over the weekend.

Since my schedule was free and the cost of taking the train to Copenhagen and hostel is really cheap I decided to take the invitation and took the train at 9 the next morning was in Copenhagen just after 13, meet up with them and took a beer then we explored Copenhagen a city that was unknown for me. Been there lots of times but never really explored it like I did this time and It was a lot of fun, sadly I would've loved to spend some more time there to get to know it even better! Well its pretty close to hand so I might grab the train there some other time again and explore it even more. 

We was also on a bit of a tight schedule, since we had to dress up for the night. Since I had to make something up in the last minute I only trough on a flannel shirt and some jeans with suspenders, made me look like a Canadian lumberjack together with my beard, finished it of with some blood that made me look like a psychotic Canadian lumberjack. Would've loved to combine it with a real lumber axe but I don't think the bars we went to would've let me in if I had that with me, haha!  

We spent the night scaring people out own town and having a blast meeting up with a couple of natives through couchsurfing that took us to a great bar called "den glade grisen" translated into "the happy pig" it was really crowded and we had a blast! 

Had an awesome weekend and recommend everyone to be a little bit spontaneous from time to time, makes life more interesting! (Who knows you could have the time of your life?)

Here comes a photobomb from the weekend!