Some day next spring I will leave home, starting my dream to cycle round the world. I’m leaving the cold north for the mysterious Middle East, The high mountains of Asia, through the dangerous roads of Australia, the unknown South America and the modern North America to go back home through Europe where I started.



Ever since I bicycled down to the Mediterranean Sea in 2012, I knew I wanted to do an even greater trip. For some time this journey occupied my thoughts, thinking what to do and where I would go. I will start bicycling to Singapore and the eastern coast of Australia, going around New Zeeland, over to South America, up to North America and eventually to north of Africa and finally back home through the west of Europe. 

I will go by my bike Trek 520 alone, although I’m not worried about it at all. I might meet people that will go with me some time, and friends and family are going to visit me at different places. I will also meet a lot of people along the way, the greatest perk of travelling along with seeing some amazing places, like the Machu Piccu in Peru, Gate to Hell (Turkmenistan), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Salt desert and Deaths road in Bolivia. 

Most of the time I will stay in a small tent, and I will be very happy if you have any suggestions on a good one :) 


(picture of my beloved trek 520)


Here's a link to a map of my route