My first days in Polen was both beautiful and ugly as well as interesting and boring at the same time. It is not Sweden anymore and Polen may have a lot of influence from communism that we don't but it's still a lot of things that are pretty much the same.



As I left the ferry in Gdynia I headed straight for the coast, it normally has better bike paths and its also much nicer bicycling there, I ended up in the harbor and found a lot of nice boats.


After a short break in the harbor and helping some Germans tourists taking a photo of them with the boats and continued along the beach on this really nice bike path next to the sand. But I would soon know that I lead nowhere, it ended and I had to backtrack too get up to the normal road that goes between Gdynia and Gdansk. But after just a short while I left the big road and found this amazing park that lead into a even better trail through the forest and onto a bike path that was just next too the beach again and would go all the way from Gdynia to Gdansk, that made me happy but that happiness would soon fade away... 

But in Gdansk it happened, what no bicyclist wants to happened had just happened. My bicyclist broke down, chain malfunction...I had to replace a broken chain link, or I don't know if it was broken or if it easily could've been fixed, but after I had removed it I was sure that it was broken, probably because of me. But I have spare chain links so I just replaced it and could continue like anything had happened, I were just a bit more nervous then before. It all took around 15-20 min too fix.

After my bike malfunction I had too leave the nice trail along the coast to go through Gdansk to reach my goal for the day,which was Malbork with it's huge castle. But getting there would turn out to be anything but easy... he fight to Malbork had started and at first it went really well the roads were what I expected (horrible) but besides that it was fine, the drivers in Polen seems too be much better then their Swedish counterpart. They give plenty of space when passing and can even chill out behind for a while if it isn't safe to pass for the moment, that would not happened in Sweden very often. 
On my way out of Gdansk I could really see the bad side of Polen the poverty, people where living in houses that was next to ruins and the roads were filled with holes, not just a few A LOT of them! In fact there is holes everywhere! But we still haven't come to the "hard" part. The roads took me through the small town of Tczew and after that I took a left turn over a bridge that lead too Malbork and I had something like 12 km left. The only problem was that it was a really crowded highway, without any bikepath or any roadside to talk about. I could take the 40 or something like it stairs down to a tractor trail next to a field, which I of course did.
I bumped around on the tractor trail that was anything but flat hopping it would lead me somewhere good, it did not... It took me out on the highway again, and this time I had no where else to go. I saw a intersection on my map not very far from where the tractor trail had ended, So I decided to ride on the highway to that intersection. It was single lane so the cars and trucks that passed me had no where to go to avoid me, and they passed so fast that the truck's airflow was sucking me in, a very unpleasant experience I can tell you that! But it was not over, I took a turn at the intersection and I was of the map I could no longer see where the roads would take me, and they went all over the place I only knew what direction I had to go but the roads had other ideas where they wanted to take me. I ended up back on the tractor trail, but this time it didn't just end at the highway... It ended at a railroad without a crossing, I could see that it was continuing on the other side, so I was forced to carry my very heavy bike over the railroad tracks (it was 4 of them...) and then continue. I't took me to the backside of a farm so I had too cycle through it and out of the main gate, lucky me only their dog noticed me. Oh and about dogs I got chased by 4 of them, just next to the bike... But finally I made it after what feel't like forever and I could camp on the outskirts of a park really close to the castle.